Ms. P’s Electric Cock

I did not know what fried chicken was until I gave Ms. P’s Electric Cock a taste.

I grew up in the sticks of Connecticut, in a little town called Cornwall Bridge, with no more than 1500 people. A town mostly made up of artists and farmers, we were constantly eating fresh veggies and organic foods. I had to travel far and wide, if I wanted to sink my teeth into some succulent grease-saturated burger, or crispy frialator chicken. But, trust me, I still ventured out there, into the great beyond, for my fried chicken.

After searching for that tasty, crunchy cut of fried chicken, I had decided that Rip’s Tavern, located in Ladd, IL, was my personal favorite. Well, I sadly retracted that statement in October, when I stumbled upon a red food truck and luminous Chicken sign on Rainey Street in Austin, TX. Rip’s was put to shame that day.

I took one bite of that zesty chicken, and my tastebuds were zapped with flavor. The golden crusted outside layer was the perfect amount of crunch, and not too thick like most places. It was more of a breading coated on the chicken, verses a thick batter consuming the flavor of the delicious white meat. Oh, it was truly perfection.

Aside from the culinarily crafted chicken, the mac n’ cheese was mind blowing. We chose the truffle mac n’ cheese, and boy was it mouthwatering. Not too creamy, but whipped up in the perfect amount of gooey cheese, the noodles were wonderfully cooked, crispy in the corners, with a layer of breadcrumbs on top. It was quite the combo, crazy good chicken paired with some amazing mac n’ cheese. If fried chicken is what you crave, then you absolutely have to give Ms. P’s Electric Cock a chance.

I guess all the more you need to know is, when it comes to food, Texas does it right.


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