Ms. P’s Electric Cock

I did not know what fried chicken was until I gave Ms. P’s Electric Cock a taste.

I grew up in the sticks of Connecticut, in a little town called Cornwall Bridge, with no more than 1500 people. A town mostly made up of artists and farmers, we were constantly eating fresh veggies and organic foods. I had to travel far and wide, if I wanted to sink my teeth into some succulent grease-saturated burger, or crispy frialator chicken. But, trust me, I still ventured out there, into the great beyond, for my fried chicken.

After searching for that tasty, crunchy cut of fried chicken, I had decided that Rip’s Tavern, located in Ladd, IL, was my personal favorite. Well, I sadly retracted that statement in October, when I stumbled upon a red food truck and luminous Chicken sign on Rainey Street in Austin, TX. Rip’s was put to shame that day.

I took one bite of that zesty chicken, and my tastebuds were zapped with flavor. The golden crusted outside layer was the perfect amount of crunch, and not too thick like most places. It was more of a breading coated on the chicken, verses a thick batter consuming the flavor of the delicious white meat. Oh, it was truly perfection.

Aside from the culinarily crafted chicken, the mac n’ cheese was mind blowing. We chose the truffle mac n’ cheese, and boy was it mouthwatering. Not too creamy, but whipped up in the perfect amount of gooey cheese, the noodles were wonderfully cooked, crispy in the corners, with a layer of breadcrumbs on top. It was quite the combo, crazy good chicken paired with some amazing mac n’ cheese. If fried chicken is what you crave, then you absolutely have to give Ms. P’s Electric Cock a chance.

I guess all the more you need to know is, when it comes to food, Texas does it right.


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The Tangerine Time Bomb: Before the Breakdown

Okay, so we know we never explained how we went from the Tangerine Travelers to the Meandering Martians, and why we’ve been MIA for so long, so here it comes…

Tangerine Traveler: mid paint job

Rolling into Mendota, IL all the way from Cornwall Bridge, CT, we knew we were going to be staying a few days, but it seemed a bit longer than anticipated with the problems we kept running into. Alright, let me just give you the low-down on what went down:

We leave CT, everything is running pretty smoothly, and we end up stopping about midway through PA, to sleep for a bit.

Brad and I get up around 4am and take-off with Sugar and Kayleen still snoozin’ in the back. We drove till we needed gas.

Stepping out of the car, I put my hand on the hood and it felt like a hot iron. We kept our eye on the thermometer as we kept going, but later realized we forgot to put the overdrive on. Dumb asses.

Interior of the camper

So…after realizing our idiotic ways, we were back on the road, but not for long until it started pouring. “This will be a good test to see if the camper is waterproof,” Kayleen exclaimed. I was caught a little off-guard, expecting the truck we were traveling 3,000 miles in to be waterproof before we began the trip.

The floodgates opened, and we quickly found out that our roof was, in fact, not so waterproof after all. Rain was coming down hard in the camper now. Kayleen at the wheel, yelled back, “well, I guess we don’t need a shower anymore,” while Brad and I held up towels. We cleared the puddles, but no, it didn’t stop there. We had a couple more hours of showers, until we stopped for waterproofing materials (thanks Flex Seal!), and let the rain pass.

On our way again, we were soon at my family’s home in Mendota, where we worked on the camper for the rest of the week.

Kayleen, Sugar, Bronwen, Brad in front of the unpainted camper

As if we didn’t have enough problems, the first day working on it, I went to roll up the passenger side window and it shattered all over me. Quite disheartened, and covered in glass, I was about to say, fuck it, but Brad kept me cool, so I got up on that camper and waterproofed the shit out of it.

While in Mendota, we were able to get it all painted with that fresh tangerine coat, and spruce up the inside as well. Handy-woman, Kayleen, was also able to get the solar panel, inverter, and refrigerator all hooked-up. I’d say, it was coming along quite nicely!

Thinking it was smooth sailing from there, we began to cruise to Colorado, praying that the waterproofing would hold up. The camper was getting a lot of thumbs up, and everything seemed okay…for now. Little did we know, that was just the beginning of our troubles.That camper was a ticking time bomb.



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Rocky Mountain High

St. Louis is in the rear view, and after some serious rainstorms cut our nighttime driving short, we had a long road that still lay between Denver and us. Just a few hours over the boarder into Kansas we had about 10 hours of driving before we got to Denver and more importantly, a shower.

Graffiti art on Larimer Street, Denver, CO

Very eager to get to Denver, we had been on the road for three days at that point, and aside from the few hours we spent bopping around St. Louis, the majority of the time was spent in the car. We were definitely looking forward to stretching our legs out on a nice soft bed to sleep and taking a nice warm shower (Did I mention that already? God this trip has made me appreciate showering). Luckily for us, thanks to Bronwen’s lifelong friend, Chloe, we had a beautiful apartment right in Denver, to do just that.

Although our stop in Denver was only a few days, it was definitely highlighted by our stroll down Larimer Street. Larimer Square is a very popular area in Denver, full of restaurants, shopping, and even home to some sports arenas. But, when we walked out of the bustling square to the fringe of the downtown area we found a treasure of beautiful street art and more distinctive craft breweries than we could count.

Ratio was one can’t miss brewery that we ventured into. Awesome place, that had some awesome beer, and played some awesome tunes.

After enjoying some city living for a few night,s we wandered to the backcountry for some camping in the Rockies at Golden Gate Canyon Park; about 30 miles outside of Boulder, Colorado.

Our first night of camping was textbook. Got the tent set-up in 10 minutes. Got the fire going without a hiccup. Roasted meats and mallows over an open flame all night.


Everything was going perfect . . . until we went to sleep.

Being up in the mountains meant that the weather was extreme and the wildlife was plentiful. There were signs and reminders everywhere about the dangers of the wild animals. Mountain lions, elk, and bears, oh my. But aside from my shitty jokes, there was just enough signage to make you a little paranoid of animals coming and eating you in the middle of the night. So that, paired with the whipping winds that mother nature brought was enough to have Bronwen waking us both up every time she heard the noise of our tent rustling.

Bronwen, photographing the Raccoon Trail, Golden, CO

We found out in the morning that the big scary noise was just some extra rope swaying into the tent with the big gusts of wind. We slept much better the next night.

Despite our lack of sleep, we dedicated the entirety of the next day to hiking. Two different trails totaling just about 10 miles, and we got a perfect day for it. The hikes were highlighted by a close encounter with a baby moose and the scenic views of the Rockies from Panorama Point. The views were rewarding but the altitude is real. We were definitely not adjusted to it, huffing and puffing more than usual on these ones.

Walking the streets of Boulder, CO

Before we left the Boulder area we decided to see what downtown Boulder had to offer and explored the vivacious Pearl Street. Full of diverse restaurants, street performers, and neat little knick knack shops, Pearl Street definitely lived up to the standards that Larimer Street set. Shout out to Ryan for all of the awesome tips.

Next stop: Yellowstone, and yet another 10 hour stretch of driving.

P.S. On the way out of Colorado we stopped at this little town called Estes Park, right at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a cool little village town that has a vintage feel to it. Stephen King was supposedly inspired by this place when he wrote The Shining, and we also almost died via hot sauce. It was cool.

The Meandering Martians

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