Watch Where You Step

The cars were pulled to the side of the road, and people were lining up by the dozens to see them. Their massive dark figures moved slowly, and so nonchalantly, as if they didn’t even care or notice the paparazzi hovering, documenting their every move on their iPhones.

Bison at Lamar Valley, Yellowstone

I swerved the car off the road, and we quickly jumped out to join the swarm. You learn quickly in Yellowstone that big crowds mean cool animals are afoot.

We whipped out our cameras to document the magnificent beasts wading by the river. It was quite a sight, watching the buffalos roam.

Stepping down, further off the bank, we tried to get closer to capture some better shots. Brad led, I followed; until I felt my foot slide on something. Afraid to look, I peaked my eyes down, realizing my worst fear. I had stepped in the biggest shit I had ever laid eyes on. This was not your average turd. Not just some pellets squeaked out by a deer, oh no,

Bronwen’s foot & a bison poo

this was a steaming pile mountain of crap. I thought it was bad when Brad spilled the mustard in my shoe outside Fenway, but I would happily drench my shoes in mustard before this bison’s bowl movement.

I yelled out Brad’s name, what exactly he was going to do, I do not know. Immediately, he knew, by my uneasy tone and spastic movements, what I had done. And I was right, what did he do? Laugh his ass off and take photos to send to the boys. I can’t complain though, I modeled my foot to show the scale of this gigantor turd. And, it did give me some good advice: watch your step in Yellowstone, it’s a minefield out there.

All shits aside, we had a phenomenal time in Yellowstone, and the drive up to Yellowstone, passing through the Grand Teton National Park. Camping and seeing all of the wildlife (Black Bears, Bison, Owls, Mule Deer and Elk) was an amazing experience.

Brad, walking toward Yellowstone River

We also got to see, first hand, the tremendous rage of Mother Nature, when watching the
wildfires. Although, the wildfires do serve a purpose, helping to replenish the ecosystem, causing pinecones to bud and spread their seeds. Learning stuff is cool!

Oh, and in more exciting news, we made it out of Yellowstone alive without Bear Spray! Hooray! Hazah!

Stay tuned for Greetings from Glacier!


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